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Business & Commercial Insurance Information

Commercial Auto

Is it for you? 

Commercial auto is for businesses operating vehicles doing business.  Often if a Personal Lines Insurance company finds out that you are conducting business in your personal vehicle they will cancel the policy.  Example:  You are a delivery person using your vehicle to make deliveries.  No personal insurance company wants to insure you and if they find out they will cancel the policy.

Many businesses require special riders that can only be attached to a Commercial Auto policy.  Such as: Waivers of Subrogation, Certificates of Insurance and others.  This is common for truckers or if you do business on large jobsites that require such riders.

So people do business and just really like the extra coverage you get.  Example:  You are delivering a large item to a location and before the delivery gets to its final resting place it falls and breaks some expensive property.  Commercial Auto policies would cover that event and a Personal Auto policy would not.

Bottom line.  You need to speak with our licensed Agents to make sure you are properly covered.

General Liability

General Liability is to protect the business owner from liability that arises during the conduct of business.

Often clients believe they are coverage because they have a Home policy or an Umbrella policy, but these policies usually excluded liability arising from business.

Often as well is the situation where a customer to your business requires you to have General Liability.  Of course you do not want to lose the customer so you must have General Liability Insurance.


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