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About Us

Randy and Heather Lee graduated from Texas A&M University circa 1995.  Heather as always had to outdo Randy so she got two degrees in Marketing and Management while Randy got one degree in Marketing.  Randy became one of the youngest Allstate Agents ever in the state of Texas in 1997.  His first hire was of course was his lovely wife Heather.  She literally opened the agency while Randy was training in Chicago.  She fought tooth and toenail to get our Certificate of Occupancy to open in the City of Fort Worth by herself.  The first policy was written to a power lifter, his name escapes me, and the computer we used was still sitting on a cardboard box.  Our agency grew very rapidly at its original location next to Cousin's BBQ.  Many years later Randy and Heather, tired of working for a single insurance company, felt like we were not always giving our customers the best products for their needs.  So we opened a new independent agency across the street called Heather Lee Insurance.  The main reason for the different name was due to contractual obligations with Allstate as a captive agent.  As the Independent agency grew we decided to cut ties with Allstate.  Our focus became on our clients and not on what some large insurance company wanted us to focus on.  Since that time we have added Tax Preparation services to our agency and moved to a more visible location at 5700 McCart Ave; Fort Worth, TX 76133.  This is where we operate to this day.  You can easily find us by going two lights south of I20 and look for the Progressive agency sign.  Our friendly staff consist of Jennifer Pearson, Randy Lee, and Heather Lee.  We have, over the years, had as many as 16 locations serving Fort Worth, Crowley, Burleson, Lake Worth, and Rhome areas.

Please drop by today.  We would love to build a relationship with you while meeting your insurance and tax needs.

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